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Sleep apnea Solutions in Albany, New York

When you have sleep apnea, visit Albany Group Dental Practice PLLC to seek treatment. Our dental practice treats mild to moderate sleep apnea using an oral device.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

This is when the airflow has been completely stopped for at least 10 seconds when sleeping. Usually this occurs when there is upper airway resistance in the nose, and the throat closes or the tongue falls back and blocks the airway.
This causes a reduction in oxygen saturation, and an arousal from sleep is needed to resume breathing. It is also characterized by loud snoring.

Why It Needs to Be Treated

Sleep apnea can cause many different health problems when left untreated. Problems may include cardiovascular disease, stroke, memory problems, weight gain, impotency, and headaches.

How We Treat It

Our role when treating mild to moderate sleep apnea is supportive only. The treatment goal is to open the airway by providing an oral device, which treats both the nasal and pharyngeal airways. However, to receive our supportive treatment, a premedical screening or referral is required.
Contact Albany Group Dental Practice in Albany, New York area to request an appointment for complete Sleep Apnea related dental services.